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Why Morocco travel is the best and top tourist destination?

Best Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Morocco Travel
Morocco attractions

The world is filled with fascinating places to visit and explore. If you are looking for a vacation and holiday that encompasses adventure trips; culture, history and wilderness, you should look no further than Morocco travel a diverse country filled with majestic palaces; interesting museums, mouth-watering cuisine and large expanses of stunning natural landscapes.

Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Morocco Travel
Moroccan hospitality

Find out why Morocco feels like home to so many. Morocco travel makes you feel at home. So many words come to mind when you see the beauty of Morocco. Not only beautiful but also unique, not only sights but unforgettable experiences. This is what Morocco desert trek tours is. Morocco travel offers nothing less than a good life with happy and unforgettable memories. No one would like to miss out on such a culturally rich and environmentally friendly country.

Morocco is a tourist destination that has many strengths; and clear potential that allowed it to become a highly popular tourist destination. With varied and contrasting landscapes (3500 km of coastline, mountains, desert Sahara …); a rich cultural heritage (imperial cities, old towns, food and crafts). Morocco is a unique and diverse touristic experience only 2h30 flight from major European cities. Still not convinced? Here are great reasons to make Morocco your next travel vacation destination:

Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Moroccan people diversity:

Morocco Travel
Berber culture and history

Most of the Moroccans today can claim both Berber and Arab ancestry, though they are generally refer to as Berbers. There is a small amount that can claim pure Arab decent and a few small groups of true Berbers; which exist in the Rif Mountains, Atlas Mountains and Souss; who are able to speak several ancient Berber languages. There is also a small number of Jews and black African Moroccans. Lifestyles differ depending on the areas that people live in.

People living in rural areas and villages are often unable to get fairly basic items, such as plasters. They generally tend to grow plants or tend livestock for food. However there are far greater clusters of people in the big cities; which bustle with life at all times of the day. Souks (markets) are virtually a way of life for most Moroccans and can be found in every town and city. The Majority of souks, however, are close during the lunch period and on Fridays. Most Moroccans are friendly and hospitable and will extend warm invitations if you do not act rude; or unfriendly towards them.

Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Moroccan culture and heritage:​

Morocco Travel

Morocco culture and heritage

Moroccan culture is rich is history, the arts and sciences. Throughout Morocco there is a wide choice of museums such as The Museum of Antiquities; and The Ethnographic Museum in Tetouan. Another favorite stop is the Museum of Moroccan Art, which houses on display unique collections of glass objects, manuscripts; exquisite carpets, jewelry, pottery and ancient manuscripts. For those enjoying live performances. Morocco travel has many wonderful theatres that present classic; translated and reworked productions of western classics such as Shakespeare to modern productions of Moroccan plays; that are filled with the country’s tradition and folklore. Unique theatrical venues include Alliance Franco-Marocaine Theater and the Teatro de Cervantes.

Popular outdoor festivals also abound with performances held at the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival; and the Amazigh Theater Festival in Casablanca. Seekers of outdoor adventure may wish to explore the wonderful national parks and reserves of Morocco; such as Souss Massa National Park and the Mediterranean Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve established through UNESCO.

Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Morocco weather and best time to visit Morocco :​

Morocco Travel
When to visit Morocco

The geography of Morocco is diverse from notable seasonal variations on the Mediterranean coast to the hot; arid, desert Sahara and mountains. The wet season spans from November to March, but rain is mainly found in coastal areas. Morocco’s mountains have cooler climates year round. In the winter months, the mountains are capped by snow. Many guide books recommend visiting and travel to Morocco from March to May and then again in September and October. We feel that the climate in Morocco offers something for everyone at all times of the year.

If you are in Morocco travel during hot summer months; we encourage to visit the lovely coastal town of Essaouira, Agadir or North Coast of Assilah or Tetouan. It is also good time to go trekking in the High Atlas Mountains. The winter months of January and February can be quite cold anywhere in Morocco; but it is a good time to travel to Morocco as there are fewer tourists; sunny warm days in Marrakech contrasting with the snowy Atlas Mountains in the background. The desert during the day is warm is well; but since the sand does not hold any heat the nights are cold.

Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Moroccan art and architecture:​

Morocco Travel

Moroccan architecture and art

Morocco travel is often viewed as a destination that is surrounded by mystery, seduction and beauty. These opinions are reflected in the breathtaking architecture of Morocco. Although modern buildings have crept in and formed part of Moroccan architecture. Moroccan architecture has a somewhat exotic charm; and many tourists visit the country to look at a world that is steeped in tradition and culture. In fact, the architectural roots of Morocco can still be seen in the modern buildings that are constructed today. There are a few dominant characteristics in regard to the architecture of Morocco.

Most buildings feature large, intimidating archways and beautiful domes that complete them. It is also common to find enchanting courtyards; sprawling gardens and the use of ornaments to decorate the exterior of the building. Moroccan architecture also makes use of Islamic calligraphy as decoration as opposed to pictures. And, as mentioned before, the use of color also plays a significant role in their designs. Geometric patterns are also commonly found in the architecture of Morocco.

Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Noteworthy buildings to visit while in Morocco travel would include the Royal Palace; the Mohammed V Mausoleum and the Kasbah des Oudaias. While in Fez it is recommend that tourists visit the Museum of Moroccan Arts; not so much for what it exhibits; but rather for the fact that the museum building was constructed approximately one hundred years ago. The city of Marrakech is home to the Palace of the Dead, the Saadian Tombs and the Bahia Palace. Many cities have spectacular examples of Moroccan architecture; and visitors will be amaze at the diversity and uniqueness of each building. Travel to Morocco has been loyal to its age-old traditions and cultures; not only in lifestyles, but in its architectural style. They have managed to modernize their cities without losing the richness and beauty of the past.

Morocco Travel Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Morocco travel and shopping:​

Morocco Travel
Shopping in Morocco

Shopping in traditional Souks and Markets; is an exceptionally unique experience that every traveler should not miss while his Morocco travel. There are many beautiful items to be found: exotic Moroccan carpets; spices, textile & yarn, metal ware, jewelry, woodwork and much more. Shopkeepers are very skilled at bargaining. The original asking price for an item might be several times higher to its potential selling price; and you are expect to participate in the verbal contest of bartering before buying. Otherwise, you will pay several times what a local Moroccan would and possibly purchase an item you don’t even want! Stick to your guts, be patient and pay only what you think is fair. Bartering is the way to buy in Morocco. Don’t be afraid to walk away if you feel you have reached your limit!

Holiday Morocco Travel, Vacation and Morocco Desert Trek Tours

Morocco is a country where tourists just love to return to again and again..!

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